pema electrotehnic Romania develops its activity by providing services and products for the following areas: automation industry, medical technology, devised, railway vehicles, automotive, solar industry. The results of our team which is dedicated to the Company values, acting efficiently, with responsibility and perseverance in order to accomplish the mission of our organization, is being quantified by our stable and trustworthy partners and in a responsible and proactive team.


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pema electrotehnic electrotehnic srl accumulated a vast experience in this field, which led to the development of relationships with our clients and to the continuous building of new business opportunities. The components of building devices and commercial vehicles are extremely exposed to various factors, such as weather, humidity, radiations, UV rays, dust and mechanical stress. Moreover, the meticulous development and planning before and during the manufacturing process together with our clients has led to minimize all negative effects. In particular, through the rhythm of keeping up with new technologies, pema electrotehnic srl has changed into a very competent partner in this industry. Our services include development, documentation for prototype production and components assembly at client`s location.

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