Personal Logistics

As we desire our services to be of the highest quality standards, pema electrotehnicRomania decided to develop a personal transport network. Hence, the products you need will arrive on time, facilitating the sale and delivery process.

VERONELLA was founded in 1997, and from 2000 onwards the principal company`s object is carriage of goods.

We gain your trust and respect with the first carriage, by strictly obeying all contractual terms and conditions. We are recommended by the attention with which we carry our goods and the manner in which they arrive at the destination. Our trucks are directly imported by our Company and have a different capacity according to your requests.

Our fleet currently consists of trucks with a minimum capacity of 3.5 tones and a maximum one of 7.49 tones. Having regard to the new regulations, our drivers are trained and professionally certified by the Romanian Automotive Authority.

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Moga Ioan
Ph: 0040 744 555 390

Note: The decision to use only small letters for the Company`s name is voluntary, belongs to the management of pema electrotehnic Romania and does not represent an editing error. We kindly ask the partners of pema electrotehnic Romania to use this name in all documents which include the Company name! Thank you!